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If you have questions about RedBin or the services we provide, skim through the most common questions we receive below.

RedBin is an on-demand storage service provider focusing on the needs of urban residents facing the issue of having too many items cluttering their living space.

Redbin provides clean sturdy large plastic bins to the customer's door and picks them up for delivery to their Brooklyn distribution center where bins are processed and placed into secure storage.

RedBin developed and maintains its own logistics, storage and inventory systems. Redbin software engineers work diligently to ensure that these complex systems keep a simple and easy customer interface that enables customers to manage their own personal inventory online using their computer, tablet or smart phone.

Whether you rent one bin, or twenty bins; RedBin charges $7.00 per storage bin monthly.

RedBin provides ALL of the transportation services for your initial order. This means that when you order your storage bins, a driver will deliver them to for a small fee of $27.99. After you pack your items into the storage bins, a Redbin driver will pick them up from your home or apartment for a small fee of $27.99. When you want to get your bins back, we will deliver them back to you for a small fee of $27.99 .

General Questions

Red Bin is an "On Demand" storage provider.

We deliver heavy duty plastic bins to you. You pack up your personal items in the bins and then we pick them up from you and store them in our warehouse. When you need your items back, you can request either an entire bin back or just individual items. You can also store bikes, window air conditioners, gold clubs, and other items that are considered seasonal and portable.
The term “On-Demand” means that you can order your storage anytime from any device, computer, tablet, smartphone etc.

You also have the ability to view the items in storage anytime you wish by accessing your account on-line. In addition you can recall your items from storage to be returned to you anytime you wish…That’s On-Demand!
No, RedBin is in the mobile storage business. Self-Storage requires the customer to rent a fixed sized unit and deliver and retrieve items themselves. With mobile storage, customers pay for only the space they need and pick up and delivery is provided making it very popular for people living in cities where mobility is troublesome.
Most of our customers maintain a very dynamic relationship with RedBin. Unlike traditional storage where items sit for years, customers use our service to take items from them and bring other items back to them on a regular basis. This is a continuous process as more and more customers think of RedBin as a closet, attic or basement that they don’t have. Because you can get your items back anytime you want and place items into storage easily without driving anywhere. Customers tend to grow and request additional storage from us.
RedBin boasts a highly advanced storage and logistics system with an easy customer interface which allows for not only fast ordering of storage and pickup/delivery services, but also gives the customer the ability to manage their personal inventory on-online and actually see there items because they are photographed.

RedBin also manages, staffs and maintains their own warehouse and distribution center.
Unlike almost all of our competitors that outsource their warehouse to the lowest bidder and have almost no control over security,cleanliness and limited access; RedBin is obsessed with keeping their own facility clean, pest free and enjoy the ability to manage customers items ourselves under our own RedBin strict standards of operation.
Our standards are higher than what commercial warehouses will provide and we don’t want to be restricted to working within the days and times that an outsourced warehouse will mandate. RedBin can retrieve your items anytime you wish on-demand. We have a high level of customer service and the only way we can truly guarantee that is to do it ourselves.

Security & Peace of Mind

We have invested in a hi-tech bar code scanner system which identifies each bin by customer name, I.D and warehouse location number. In addition, our security seals are individually numbered for identification and used to secure your bin. Nothing is left to chance.
We consider security in 3 ways. Our staff has to be honest and trustworthy, our facility must be secure and our work process must be logical, proven, system driven and error free.

Employee security: Every RedBin job applicant must pass a rigorous background check. If they pass this check, we bond them. The bonding company does an additional check on each employee and issues an insurance policy against theft on that employee.

Facility security: The RedBin warehouse is secured with a 24 hr. guard at the door. In addition, 24 hr. HD security cameras cover the interior and exterior of the facility.

Milestone work process security: The RedBin milestone work process in which your items are transported and handled has built in security monitoring in place which electronically documents all driver activity including historic route captures and employee hand-off’s in the form of milestone status updates. A record of each milestone in which your bin or item reaches various milestone status’s are captured with the name and timestamp of each employee that came in contact with your item. This secures the work process and ensures the safety of your items.
The RedBin system will automatically update you via SMS Text and email after each process milestone. You will be notified when the driver is on the way to you, after he picks up your items (in case you left them with a doorman and didn’t know), when your bins arrive at our warehouse and when your items are assigned a warehouse location and placed in that location. We provide this for your peace of mind.


Monthly bin storage starts at $7.00 each.
Our bins measure approx. 27”x16”x12” or about 3-cubic feet.
Yes, you can order 3 bins or more.

Bin Packing & Restrictions

Most people use our bin storage as sort of a closet. They rotate out their seasonal inventory. Like storing winter clothes in summer and summer items in winter. The bins are also useful for books, paper, documents, holiday decor, baby clothes, camping supplies and accessories.
Anything flammable, breakable, edible or items of high value or of an irreplaceable nature.
Go online to www.redbin.com. Choose “Yes, I need more storage!” Follow the prompts to set up an account.
When you set up your account and enter your zip code you will then be able to choose your window. In some cases it could be in as little as 3 hours.
Your storage start date is the day we deliver you the empty bins.

Most people request bins and then stage the items they are planning to put into the bins. When our driver arrives you will have 20 minutes to pack your bins.

However, you could request that the driver comes back to pick up the bins at another time by requesting your pick up on line.
We do and so should you. We will not accept bins that are over packed, so please make sure they can be closed without bulging. Our competitive storage rates are dependent on maximizing the space in our warehouse, by keeping items to a standard bin and properly stacking them, we can keep prices low. So the bin must close flat.

Also, extra heavy bins aren’t accepted. If you can’t pick it up, then we probably can’t either. Pack your bins with care. This is your responsibility. Your bins will be transported and handled many times by various employees and even when handled with care your bins may get bumped or tapped or shaken in the process; so please keep that in mind.
You can upgrade your account using the mobile app right there on the spot and the driver will be able to provide you with the extra bins. Drivers normally carry an additional 30 bins in their truck.

Re-Delivery of my Bin(s) or Item(s)

You go online and order them back. You can retrieve all of your items back, single bins or even individual items from a bin.
We will deliver your items back to you in 24 hours or less.
Go to your account and view your inventory. Then see the bins you want back. Hit the “I want this back” icon and choose a date and time for your delivery and we will make it happen.
Sure, just give us a call first so we can pull your bin. You will break your security seal yourself, go through your items, pull out what you need and reseal the bin.

Rent Calculation, Terms & Minimums

To absorb the cost the $27.99 drop off of the bins, pick up of bins and delivery to our warehouse.
No, we do not charge any additional fees to set up your account. There are no account maintenance fees either. Our pricing is straight forward.
Yes, but you will be responsible for the minimal three month storage rate.
You start paying rent at the time bins are delivered to you. This will be your rental anniversary date. All rent will be due on that date. Rent for individual items are calculated from date the item is pickup from you. We prorate this to your bin drop anniversary date.
This is because we charged you for the 3 months minimum storage. ($28. X 3= $84+ Tax) You will not get charged again until the start date in your 4th month and then each month after.
You will not be invoiced. When you set up your account you will provide us with a major credit card that will be charged on the rental anniversary date.
It is your responsibility to maintain your account and keep valid credit card information up to date. After the 10 day grace period you will start to incur late fees.
Yes, 10 days from the rental anniversary date.
The late fee is $15.
After a three month period of non-payment we will start the process of a public auction. Your items will be put up for bid to the public. You will no longer be able to use Red Bin Storage.
Charge backs seriously affect our business and our relationship with our bank. We consider a chargeback to be a violation of our customer agreement.

If there is a dispute regarding billing you can contact our accounts department and we will handle it directly.

Exceptions, Stuff Happens

You will get charged a $25. Fee and we will retrieve the bins. No problem.
We will charge you $20. per bin. That’s the market rate if you were to purchase a similar product.
If we can’t leave them with a doorman then we consider that a “No Show”. Since we did our part to drive to your apartment, we would need to charge you a $25. “No show” fee.

Account Upgrades & Downgrades

We will drop off additional bins to you and pro-rate the storage on the upgrade to your original anniversary date so that you will be charged only for the time you have use of the bins. Your original billing date anniversary will stay the same.
You will only be charged for the items you keep in storage, however please note that we have minimums and by reducing your storage, you may find that certain items may be rated at a higher price than before.
Yes, just go online or use your app to request a pickup or the 5 bins you have ready. No, you don’t have to pay extra because we are going back for 5 bins which exceeds our minimum.
RedBin will come back, however because you are ordering our driver back for a single item and the minimum is not met, a $25. Delivery fee will be charged.

No Bailment

No. That would assume a bailment agreement between RedBin and yourself where we would then agree to take care and custody of the individual items in your bins. RedBin assumes no bailment and we are only responsible for reasonable services in regards to storing your full bins and take no responsibility for or acknowledge the specific individual items packed inside your bin.

Ordering Bins, Waiting

Waiting for delivery drivers in NYC is frustrating, we know this. However, we found that if people were notified properly, the frustration level is reduced. We wanted our customers to be in the know. We will notify you when the driver is on the way via sms text and email along with a picture of the driver who will arrive. You will be able to see his progress to your apartment online live. His route to you is updated by our GPS with ETA’s. We developed this system because we like seeing similar systems from Uber and Dominos and crafted our system like it.

Customer Warehouse Access

Yes, we maintain a 24 hr. operation and you can make an appointment to come to our facility Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm. We would love to meet you!

Other Stuff

Give us a call at 212-658-1101 or go online and chat. We look forward to hearing from you.